Lost your cat?

Indoor cats can sometimes escape their safe environment and get outside. The administrators of the FaceBook group ‘Lost and Found Cats in HRM and Nova Scotia’ have graciously allowed us to share their tips on finding a lost cat.  The page also has helpful suggestions if you have found a cat.

Here is the link to the Lost and Found Cats in HRM and Nova Scotia Facebook page.

Tips if you have LOST your cat.

-Search low to the ground and under every nook and cranny or hole that a cat can climb in or get under. Chances are, your kitty may still be very close. Get a good bright flashlight.

-Ask your neighbours to check their sheds, baby barns and garages as kitty may have been locked inside.

-It is best to call for kitty late at night or early morning as they will usually hide during the daylight. Shake the treat bag.


-Talk to your neighbours and people in surrounding areas and hand out posters. Talk to people on the street. You will be surprised at how helpful they will be! If no one is home, put the poster in the mailbox. Put posters on poles, vet offices, corner stores, grocery stores, etc. And check around restaurants and such where there may be a food source.

-PUT YOUR CAT’S LITTER BOX OUTSIDE so your kitty will smell its scent. If it is going to rain, make sure it is somewhere sheltered from the rain. 

-Put a piece of clothing or blanket with the scent of the person he likes most with some food and water outside in a sheltered area. 

-Sometimes, if you can leave your door open, they will come back in on their own. Just lock up any other pets in another room. 

– Put a post to your personal Facebook page and make it public so it can be shared.  You cannot share from the Lost and Found group page.

-Ask around your for any “CAT PEOPLE” in your area – they know and see all concerning kitties!

-Put posters in your car window when it is parked in your driveway or wherever you shop locally to increase visibility

-Call the local Veterinary Clinics in your area. Also call Metro Animal Emergency Center (902- 468-0674), SPCA (902-468-7877) and Animal Control (Halifax dial 311), Homeward Bound (902-407-7283) and Bide Awhile (902-469-9578) and file a lost cat report.

-Place an ad on Kijiji, they have a section for lost and found pets. You will find it in the “PETS” section.

-Most importantly, DO NOT GIVE UP!!! FYI a little trick we use – print on the flier that your cat NEEDS medication. People are less likely to keep your cat if they think it is sick.

The group has almost 13,000 members and has aided in the return of hundreds of cats.  

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